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„-I Just Want to Go Back to Hell- is objectively one of the best rock albums of the last 10 years. We have played many shows with them and we have not been let down once. One of those shows being an arts and crafts festival in Hurst, Texas. A modern dance team performed before them and were terrible but even that couldn’t sour the taste You Vandal put into my mouth and ears. I love YOU VANDAL, if you don’t like YOU VANDAL then feel free to message me and I will tell you how wrong you are.“
(Handsome Scoundrels)


„YOU VANDAL are fantastic! They’re fellow Floridians which means you know they’re at least halfway insane. They played our album release show in Orlando when our first record came out. That was a pretty fun night from what we remember. These days they’re sharing drummers with our friends Seagulls from Atlanta which ups their badass factor by at least another 25%, and Gooch bought me a shot at a Hot Snakes show last week which also totally rips. Go see them, their songs are super hooky and melodic and catchy you’ll have a good ass time.“
(Debt Neglector)


Aktuelles Release


I Just Want to Go Back to Hell

Jump Start Records (2017)