Triple Sundae

Triple Sundae (UK)


UK / Showtime: TBA

„London sadsacks who fight the good fight for mental health awareness. Also, Hassan can fucking sing.“(Ducking Punches)


„Young, supple and loveable. Bringing killer hooks, and killer riffs, these sad (but pretty) boys from London will infect your hearts and minds with their energy and melodies, and have you jumping off the ceiling. We’ve had the pleasure of watching them grow over the last few years, from a semi-ska band, to definitely not a ska band, and that’s aight in our book!“
(The Burnt Tapes)


„Triple Sundae is what happens when you mix 3 equal scoops of heart, energy, and soul. I had to make an ice cream reference cause I’m a fat American who loves ice cream.  These 4 UK sweethearts have infectious melodies, and catchy ass tunes. They are one of the hardest workings UK bands out there. TripSun are also solid dudes which is a major plus!“
(The Jukebox Romantics)


Aktuelles Release

Triple Sundae

Peace Of Mind

Umlaut Records (2018)