The Dauntless Elite

The Dauntless Elite (UK)


UK / Sunday, 26th May • 19:00 - 19:30 • Stag & Hounds (downstairs)

„Absolute top drawer stage banter. They’ve been around forever and been doing it right forever. Sing-along and enjoy the comedy between songs. Their previous bands Fig. 4.0 and Joe 90 weren’t shit either.“(The Run Up)

„I’ve known these northern gents for many a year, and whilst many bands have sunk into the shadows of past musical endeavours, The Dauntless Elite continue to shuffle into sight from time to time to remind us all that their dry humour and cutting social commentary paired with storming upbeat tunes is as engaging now as it always was. Older but still golden as people, whilst remaining as entertaining musically and lyrically thought-provoking as ever.“
(Misfortune Cookie)

„I like Dauntless Elite because they’re one of the few bands that have been in existence for as long as us but they make us, essentially a group of very lazy people, look productive.  I like watching them because they have a set of songs which are loud, catchy and full of passion. We will forever have a shared bond with these lads from when in a van driving to Leipzig, our drummer Morgan threw up in his own mouth and swallowed it rather than spraying them with vomit. That’s true love.“
(Down and Outs)


Aktuelles Release

The Dauntless Elite

split w/ Steve Adamyk Band

All In Vinyl (2013)