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„Kickass punk duo from Winnipeg! Saw them at FEST two years ago & played a few shows with them around FEST last year. Bonded over our mutual love of all things Bright Eyes. We’re out on tour with them, they fucking rule, go see them. <3“
(Hora Douce)

„If you see these two hardworking and positively inspiring two punks from Winnipeg, Canada play live, you’ll ask yourself why anyone ever needed more than two musicians in a punk band. Imagine a musical teaming-up of Against Me and The Distillers and you’re pretty close to the energy that Mobina Galore conjure up with their straight-to-the-heart and kick-ass-punk-hymns. If you’re not 23 anymore, you’ll be singing along instantly with ‚You’re not 23 anymore‘ from their first album, or if you’ve ever gone out all by your lonesome self, you’ll probably be banging your head to ‚going out alone‘ – just two amazing examples of Mobina Galore’s anthems for the part time-outcasts, that some of us tend to feel like.“
(Flicke from Mood Change/No Sugar)


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Feeling Disconnected

Gunner Records (2017)