„HARKER have a new record out this year, their single 300 Cigarettes will stick in your head for days, and they all have excellent symmetrical hair cuts.“

„HARKER were the first band of the first show that our old band NO WEATHER TALKS played in the UK in 2017. We knew from the very start: we’re in for a hell of a trip. The density of great bands on that tour was flat-out incredible, on any given night. And HARKER couldn’t have summed it up better: no-bullshit attitude, just great musicianship, melodies and politics.“

„Sometimes, music tends to get boring for a while and there are no new releases to seriously give you that excited feeling you had, when you first listened to your favorite bands and then all of a sudden you walk home in the rain at night and listen to these guys for the first time and you know that even a ton of bricks won’t punch the smile out of your face … their new record made me take another walk around the block … in the rain … and I hate walks! Big anthems for small venues and mark my words, this is the band your friends will be bragging about soon!“(PRIMETIME FAILURE)


Aktuelles Release


No Discordance

Fond Of Life Records (2018)