FRA / Sunday, 26th May • 19:15 - 19:45 • Exchange

„I’m writing this from the backseat of Guerilla Poubelle’s van, on our way to play what surely must be our 100th + show together. And I can’t think of a single time when seeing them play hasn’t been a privilege and a blast. They constantly reinforce my love of ‚punk‘ (in every sense of that word) and I’m thankful always that I get to call them friends, comrades, family… not sure there’s a word for it. Three of my favorite people on the planet, making some of my favorite music. I love them in every sense of THAT word.“
(Arms Aloft)


„Guerilla Poubelle in the french punk scene is like Notre-Dame: a worldwide well-known monument on fire. Except it never needed any help from capitalism to stand still.“


„Guerilla Poubelle are a punk rock juggernaut. Fast paced, intelligent, existentialist punk rock from Paris, France. They just happen to be three of the nicest, funniest people who write absolute deadly songs and work harder than 99% of bands out there.“
(Good Friend)


Aktuelles Release


La Nausée

Red Scare (2018)