UK / Saturday, 25th May • 19:30 - 20:00 • Stag & Hounds (upstairs)

„FRESH are the fritz to our cola. The club to our mate. Genuinely four of the nicest humans we’ve ever had the luxury of meeting and playing shows with. We both played together very early on and it’s been a whirlwind love affair ever since. The Kiss FM of UK punk rock – 100% non stop party bangers. The only negative point, and call me a prude, but Katherine’s choice in perfume is grim.“ 

„FRESH are some of the most lovely kind humans in the world. They have a new album out soon and it’s HUGE. We recommend going to see Fresh if anyone else’s music bums you out to the point where you need to go and watch a band and do a massive big jump to their set to cure said sadness.“

„Fresh are one of the best bands around right now. They played at our album release party, and without Dan being into our band, our album probably wouldn’t have come out on Specialist Subject. Legends!“ (Don’t Worry)


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